Communication Between the Engineer (Net Admin) and vCIO During Reviews


Often during a review, the vCIO wants to get details from the Engineer/Net Admin or has questions on the answer provided. What is the best way to have some back and forth between the NetAdmin and vCIO on specific items?


This can be done with Flags on the Review.

  1. Click the flag icon next to a question you want to mark for discussion with your Engineer (The Engineer could also flag questions to discuss with the vCIO).
  2. Once you're ready to have your discussion simply filter the review by questions with a Flag. You can find this option by clicking the Filters button at the top left of the Edit Review screen.
  3. Within a Review, you have the option to enter Internal Notes. This is a great way to keep track of important details as well as talking points for the conversation between the Engineer and vCIO.


Flag during reviews


Filter flagged items


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