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IT Glue Connection Settings

IT Glue Connection Settings allows you to set parameters for the configurations that appear in myITprocess.

Go to your account (avatar) menu and select Account settings.

Click the Integrations tab.

Click the Setup clients button below IT Glue connection.

The Setup Clients tab is where you associate your clients in myITprocess to those in IT Glue.

The Organizations tab is for your organization's status.

The Configurations tab further allows you to set a configuration's status that you'll view for your client as well as define which specific types of configurations to show in addition to their archived status. By default, archived configurations will not appear.

Please note: If you make any changes, click the Save button. The system will alert you if you make changes and attempt to navigate to a different tab or page if you have not saved your changes.

Note: The term 'Clients' are now referred to as 'Organizations' throughout the software.

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