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This article details the meeting creation and deletion process and goes over the meeting history in the Strategic Roadmap.

Adding a meeting provides the opportunity to develop an agenda for a strategy session. This feature streamlines your recommendations and initiatives into an easy-to-read and visually pleasing format. Polishing the details reduces complexity and keeps meetings on track.

To begin, click Add Meeting.

Now you will enter details about the meeting you're planning and this will appear in the presentation mode.

  • Title - A name for the meeting
  • Purpose - A detailed description of what the meeting is about, who is involved, the expected outcome, and so on
  • Date -Scheduled meeting date with the client
  • Time - Scheduled meeting time with the client. *Note, we default the meeting duration to 30 minutes
  • Location -Scheduled meeting location with the client

Once everything is filled out, click Continue.

The next step involves setting up an agenda for the meeting. The Strategic Roadmap feature remains easy and intuitive using a simple drag and drop interface. To set an agenda, click and drag a recommendation from the roadmap into the menu on the right side of the page.

Tip: A vCIO can organize the order of presentation when setting a meeting agenda. Drag and drop the boxes in the order of the desired appearance in the presentation.

Creating a meeting and using the Presentation Mode

Once the recommendations are in the correct order, click Create. The meeting will now appear in the Upcoming Meetings section of the menu. Click on the meeting to edit any details or to open the presentation mode.

Before beginning the presentation you have the option of printing the slide deck for your upcoming meeting, Edit the meeting, download an agenda to send to your client or cancel the meeting.


The Strategic Roadmap Meeting history is where you can view both a snapshot of the topics discussed, who created those meetings, and the date you met with your client.

The meeting History offers granular search functionality to pinpoint a particular session. Search options are by meeting title, meeting owner, or date of the meeting. Once a meeting is selected, two tabs appear: Info and Summary

  • The Info tab contains the details (date, time, location, creator), purpose, and the agenda for that meeting.
  • The Summary tab includes all meeting information, client decisions, and feedback taken during the presentation.

The summary tab is an area where you can enter ad-hoc notes from your meeting. This information will be shown when the summary PDF is generated.


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