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Vul Scanner installation comes to a halt at "Checking VM Configuration status..."

Please be advised, our development team is aware of this and are actively working to release a new Vul Scanner installer version.

Issue: The latest Vul Scanner installer will sometimes come to a halt at the following step the installation process and logs the following message in the installer log. 

2/10/2022 9:58:31 AM: Check VM Configuration Status: Checking VM configuration status...

2/10/2022 9:58:32 AM: Output:

2/10/2022 9:58:32 AM: Error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

2/10/2022 9:58:34 AM: Output:

2/10/2022 9:58:34 AM: Error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

2/10/2022 9:58:36 AM: Output:

2/10/2022 9:58:36 AM: Error: Failed to negotiate key exchange algorithm.

2/10/2022 9:58:37 AM: Output:

2/10/2022 9:58:37 AM: Error: Failed to negotiate key exchange algorithm.




Here are some instructions to complete the Vul Scanner deployment manually. 

1. Close out of the Vul Scanner installation wizard.

2. Log into the Vul Scanner's console via Hyper V using the following credentials.

user: setup
pwd: setup-nda


3. Once logged in you should see the following Setup Menu come up. Select option 5 - Set Appliance ID and hit OK.



4. Enter your Rapidfire Tools credentials and hit ok.
note: These are the same credentials you would use to log into the RFT Portal where you manage your Vul Scanner.


5. Select the Appliance ID associated with the Vul Scanner site you wish to deploy. Hit OK.




6. You should now see the appliance ID has been configured for this appliance. Hit ok.



7. You should now be back at the Main Menu. Select Option 5 - Application Control. Click OK.



8. From the Application Control Menu select Option 4 - Update Application. Hit OK.


9. Once you click ok you should see that an Update has been requested. Hit OK.


10. Wait about 5 minutes to allow the Vul scanner to update then click the Back button until you get to the Main Menu. Select Option 6 - Troubleshooting.


11. From the Troubleshooting Menu select Option 3 - Run Diagnostics. Hit OK.



12. When the diagnostics gathers all the information make sure the Appliance Version matches the Available Version and click ok.




13. Hit back until you get to the Main Menu and exit the setup menu.

You are done with the installation at this point. Log into the portal and check to make sure the status indicator in the site dashboard is green. It may take a 5-10minutes before it turns green. At that point you may begin setting up and running your scans. 




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