02/10/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.45

This release of BullPhish ID comprises enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Sending domain headers have been changed for SPF verification to spf@bpid,<sending domain> in Phishing and Training campaign emails under sending profiles. 
  • The following newer version of guides is available on BPID Portal under Guides & FAQ.
    •  'Reference Guide for Deliverability' v4.4 
      • Old URL ‘*.secureawareness.net/*’ is replaced with *.cloudsurveillance.net/*.
    • 'Microsoft Office 365 Whitelisting Guide' v4.6
      • Old URL ‘*.secureawareness.net/*’ is replaced with *.cloudsurveillance.net/*.
      • Updated the PowerShell syntax code under Prevent Outlook from blocking content in your emails and displaying a Safe Senders warning section.
    • 'Google Admin Whitelisting Guide' v2.9
      • Added cloudsurveillance.net/ URL under the Set up an image URL proxy whitelist section. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Null value percentage is shown to pass the quiz instead of the exact number of Pass scores needed under Training Portal Administrator > Quiz Settings section.
  • SMB organizations can assign SMB users to log in with IT Complete under organization settings. To do so, login to BullPhish ID portal > Organization Settings > Enable-IT Complete.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes several organizations are connected to one IT Complete/KaseyaOne organization. Now a warning error message alters you, saying “another organization has associations with this account" 


    Here is a quick look for you


Phishing Kit Updates

The following kits are now available under Dashboard > Phishing Kits  

  1. Canada Post - Tracking DeliveryMicrosoftTeams-image__2_.png
  2. HSBC - Security Improvement 


Training Course Updates

The following training courses are now available under Training courses on BullPhish ID portal

  1. PIPEDA OverviewMicrosoftTeams-image__5_.png
  2. NIST 800-171: Who Is Required to Comply & What Information is Protected


3. Physical security: Shoulder Surfing is now available in all languages


4. And GDPR: What is GDPR


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