January 19, 2022

The January 19, 2022 release includes enhancements and fixes described in the topics below:

Device Management

New Feature - On the "Devices" page, administrators with the account "owner" role can now delete individual firewalls if they are no longer being used.

Security Incidents

Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, email notifications would not be sent to emails listed under the Provider->Notifications configuration.

Added the ability for administrators to mark multiple incidents as "resolved" form the Incidents Page by selecting the checkboxes for incidents and at the bottom right of the screen use the ACTION button.


Updated the text of the Executive Report from "High Risk Office 365 Mailboxes" to "Top Office 365 Mailbox Suspicious Logins" in order to better communicate the findings to end users.


Released a new RocketCyber API Version 2 to production.  Full documentation is available at:


The API V2 endpoints are available at the following URLs:

US Instance: https://api-us.rocketcyber.com/ 

EU Instance: https://api-eu.rocketcyber.com/ 

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