01/27/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.44

This release contains new features, enhancements, and bug fixes: 

New Features 

  • Reporting Module is added to BullPhish ID Portal. Now users can access Monthly and Quarterly reports under Dashboard> Reporting > Export Report. 


  • Updated Reports – The reports have a new look and updated logic, making them easier to understand
  • Automated Reporting – Reports are now automated, which means that monthly and quarterly campaign reports can be scheduled and delivered to the end-users inboxes via email. 
  • New login option  BullPhish ID now has its login page: https://bullphishid.com. Existing customers will be able to log in via the new BPID login page or continue logging in via the Dark Web ID login page if they prefer. 


  • Login with the help of KaseyaOne will now be available. 
  • Tutorials: A new option, “Tutorials,” has been added to the bottom left corner of the Dashboard. When clicked would open up a modal window with videos on how-to-use videos on features available BullPhish ID. 
  • What’s New feature is introduced to the top menu of the help section. You can check available new updates as soon as you log in to the BullPhish ID. To check the same login to BullPhish ID portal > Help > What’s New.
    • Note: What’s New notification pop-up with a red dot on the help section with a created date.  

Here is a quick look for you:




  • Under Settings > Sending Profiles page is re-designed with functionality enhancements.
    • Users will be able to create sending profiles to select sending domains.
    • Users will select sending profile type of Phishing Simulation/Training and Awareness under Create Sending Profile.
    • Internal users will be able to send profiles as global/selected associated organizations.
    • A Partner Administrator/Partner Agent will be able to create sending profiles for their own Partner Administrator/Partner Agent organization and child organization.
    • Privileged users will be able to create sending profiles for their organization.
  • The application font is updated for a great look and feel.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes CSV files are downloading as text files. 
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Enable Single Sign-On’ group description is not aligned correctly under the My Profile section.
  • Fixed email delivery issues for error code "451 4.7.50 Server is Busy" with the new SMTP server in Exchange Online. Microsoft Office 365 Whitelisting Guide v4.5 updated under Guides & FAQ on BullPhish ID portal.
  • The refactoring route for exporting and sending domain links has been changed in the following guides. You can check the same under Guides & FAQ in the BullPhish ID portal.

    • Microsoft Office 365 Whitelisting Guide v4.5

    • Reference Guide for Deliverability v4.3

  • We have removed the old IP address from the following Guides. 
    • Google Admin Whitelisting Guide
    • Reference Guide for Deliverability
    • Microsoft Office 365 Whitelisting Guide
    • BullPhish ID User Guide

Phishing Kit Updates

The following kits are now available under Dashboard > Phishing Kits 

1. H&R Block - Verify Email

2. Binance - Giveaway

3. Credit Karma - Recent Dispute

4. McAfee - Order Update

Training Course Updates

The following training courses are now available under Training Courses on the BullPhish ID Portal. 

1. GDPR: Rights of Data Subjects, Stored, Processed, Destroyed

2. NIST 800 -171: Overview 1

3. HIPAA - Overview of the Privacy and Security

4. Credential Exposure: How to Protect Credentials (Brand Impersonation)

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