01/13/2022 - Dark Web ID v1.84.00


This release includes the following customer-facing enhancements and bug fixes. 

  1. To avoid a long-time reports generation, a new size limited has been added to the company logos. You can upload 1000*1000 px max size company logos.  
  2. Adjust using of KaseyaOne log in. If you use a one-time log in using KaseyaOne, system will redirect you automatically on login through KaseyaOne log in, instead of regular Dark Web log in. The same behavior will be applicable to deep links to the Dark Web portal. If you would like to use Dark Web log in, please click here 
  3. Integration checkbox “Do not send PSA ticket if no password is found" issue is fixed.  
  4. Calculation for In Progress state has been updated on Dark Web for SMB dashboard. Unlike before, now it will be calculated by subtracting the number of users who have completed the training.  



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