BMS Email Parser | Supporting multiple hashtags


MSPs integrate BMS with other ticketing systems, With these integrations, the ticket from a non-BMS system may already contain hashtags in its subject line.

When a subject contains multiple hashtags any reply from clients was not appending to the original ticket, it would instead create a new ticket inside BMS. This is because the email parser was only checking the number/id between the hashtags.



  • MSPs supporting these integrations or setup will have to use prefixes for their tickets to be created inside BMS. For example, INC-1234, BMS-234, etc.
  • Prefix has to be defined in Admin > Company Settings > Service desk >
  • Email parser will check to look for the system-defined prefix under Admin > Company settings > Service Desk > Ticket Number Prefix.
  • The system will here on only consider the Ticket number attached with the prefix and skip other hashtags in the subject line.
  • Any Service desk which does not use the above-mentioned setup will not need to implement this solution and won't be affected by this setting in any way. 


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