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BMS users can make use of the Etilize catalog to search products, get prices from integrated distributors and add them to Quotations. Etilize will be a server-to-server Integration with BMS. This integration requires no login and is enabled for all tenants by default.

Important: This is currently supported only in the United States.


  • Access to CRM > Quotes module


  • Go to CRM > Quotations

  • Line items > Add a new item > Etilize Catalog will be available.mceclip0.png

  • A pop-up to search and select products from the Etilize catalog will be displayed to the users.

    • A search bar to enter the product name

    • A keyword entered will list all the products

    • Options to filter by are - Manufacturer, Category, Feature.

    • Once a filter is selected, the filter will be seen in the product screen, with an option to remove it if needed.

  • Additional filter to Limit only to integrated distributors labeled Limit to my distributors will be available at the bottom of the pop

    • This will limit the product search to BMS built-in integrated platforms.

    • Currently, we have only two built-in integrations - Tech Data and Ingram Micro.

    • If there is no active integration a No access sign is displayed on Limit to my distributors.

  • Once the product is selected, click on Get Pricing

    • Get Pricing will get prices for integrations that are currently set up in the system. Currently, Tech Data and Ingram Micro are supported.

      • Distributor name, Price, Stock availability, quantity, and Add to Cart option will be available here.

      • Once a product is added to the cart, the Add to Cart option will change to Added.

    • Inactive integration with any distributor would not result in any price data.

  • After the product is added to the cart, users can navigate to the View Cart screen.

    • View Cart will show the product/purchase details, and the option to remove from the cart or reduce the quantity.

  • Hover over View cart will show complete product details and the ability to add this product to the quote.

    • Click on the product, users will see an Update to the Quote button, this will add the line item to the quote.






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