01/03/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.41

This release of BullPhish ID comprises a few enhancements and a few bug fixes.


  • Contract End Date is now separate for both BullPhish ID and Darkweb ID accounts. This field has been renamed “Darkweb ID Contract End Date” On Darkweb ID Portal. At the same time, we have added accounts to the BullPhish ID Portal.
  • BullPhish ID users with access to organizations' settings for SMB accounts are now allowed to delete users permanently on the BullPhish ID Portal.
    • Internal users will be able to remove users for any organization.
    • Partner Admins: will be able to remove other users of their organization and users of child organizations.
    • Partner Agents: will be able to remove users of child organizations.
    • SMB privileged: will be able to remove users of their SMB organizations.
    • SMB standard: will not be able to remove users.
  • The font of the breadcrumb has been updated.
  • SMB organization can now be permanently deleted by clicking on the three dots (…) next to each SMB with options to ‘Edit SMB’ and ‘Delete SMB.’ Please note that the organization is also removed from Darkweb ID Portal because DWID and BPID accounts are in sync. An additional message window will remind the user about this impact.

  • We removed the ability to add notes to each organization from the owner dashboard page.

  • SMB Privileged users will now be able to set up, manage and configure Google and Azure Active Directory settings.


Bug Fixes:

  • Calculation fixed for the count of MME, Partner, and Portfolio organization for the internal dashboard.
  • Under Dashboard > Training Portal, if  'Whitelabled Domain' is not configured, settings that require domain setup have been greyed out. 'Training Portal Language,' 'Portal Branding,' 'Login Page,' and 'User Login' tab will not be enabled until the domain is configured. A message in red font is available on both the 'Training Portal' and 'User Login' tabs.

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