Enabling Kaseya IT Complete in Passly

Working with Kaseya IT Complete / Kaseya One

You will need to be granted access Kaseya One. If you would like access please contact your Account Manager directly. 

If you have been given access into Kaseya One via https://one.kaseya.com/login then you can enable your users for Passly to use Kaseya One for the tenant login.


Enabling the tenant ability to use "Log in with IT Complete".

  1. Log into your Passly Tenant https://(companyname).my.passly.com
  2. Select IT Complete.
  3. Select "Log in with IT Complete".
  4. You will be redirected to the Kaseya One login page.
    Enter the following.
    KaseyaOne Username:
    KaseyaOne Password:
    KaseyaOne Company Name:

Now that your tenant is enabled to use "Log in with IT Complete" you can enable your user ability to enable this option for their own login. Below we will map out how the users can turn this on.

IT Complete User Setup

  1. User will log into your Passly Tenant https://(companyname).my.passly.com
  2. Select "My Profile" in the top right corner.
    When you select "Enable Log in with IT complete you will be redirected to https://one.kaseya.com
  3. Here you will have to validate your KaseyaOne Logon credentials.
    Once you complete the Kaseya One login you will be redirected back to Passly.
  4. You can test the Login. This will allow you to now use the "Log in with IT Complete" button from your tenant login page. 



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