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This article discusses how outbound email from BMS works with the help of SendGrid. The article also lists some of the mostly frequently asked questions as well.

How Outbound Email from BMS Works

You can configure outbound email from BMS by either by using Kaseya's SMTP settings or custom SMTP settings. The Admin > My Company > Outbound Email page is the page where you can configure outbound email from BMS.

By default, the Use Custom SMTP Settings in the above page is set to No.

  • BMS uses sender authentication using domain keys for since the BMS application is sending using as its email address.
  • SendGrid IP for BMS is allocated as sending IP. This is applicable for all BMS/Vorex servers.
  • SMTP traffic is relayed through SendGrid to its destination.
  • If your emails are going to Junk folder, please get in touch with our support team to get your domain authenticated.


Q1. What should I do if there is a wrong sender email address for the people CC'ed on a ticket?

A. See Wrong Sender Email Address for the People CC'd on a Ticket.

Q2. How do I enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for email parser and SMTP account?

A. See Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Email Parser and SMTP Account.

Q3. What should I do if BMS is not sending password reset emails?

A. See BMS Is Not Sending Password Reset Emails.

Q4. What are BMS/Vorex IP addresses?

A. See BMS/Vorex IP Addresses.

Q5. How do I setup custom SMTP with Office 365 as outbound email in BMS?

A. See BMS Admin | Setting up custom SMTP with Office 365 as outbound email in BMS.

Q6. How do I setup custom SMTP with Gmail as outbound email in BMS?

A. See Setting up Custom SMTP with GMAIL as Outbound Email in BMS.

Q7. What are the limitations when using BMS on a trial basis?

A. See Limitations When Using BMS on Trial Basis.

Q8. Why do I see an error that says "Failure sending mail" in my outbound email log?

A. Throttling is normal behavior with Office/Exchange servers. When BMS receives throttling, it tries multiple times to resend the email and then bypasses the throttling. In case you see an error in the outbound logs, it is because the resending process failed.

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