12/01/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.39

This release of BullPhish ID comprises a few enhancements and a few bug fixes.


  1. The look and feel of the left navigation area in BullPhish ID Portal have been updated. Also, a new design for the collapsed sidebar and hover behavior has been implemented.

Bug Fixes:

  1. The 'Email Sent' status calculation has been corrected for reporting analytics.
  2. Users associated with multiple roles such as Partner Administrator, Partner Agent, and Partner Marketing have been treated with the highest user privileges. 
  3. An Issue with displaying Groups and Kits/Courses associated with recently created SMBs in drop-downs on the campaign creation page is fixed.

Documentation Update:

  • To improve the phishing simulation email deliverability, we are moving to a new SMTP server “”. We are currently in the migration phase, and the new SMTP server will be LIVE in January 2022. Your campaign email deliverability can be affected if the new SMTP server is not whitelisted.  We strongly recommend whitelisting the new server IP address no later than January 15, 2022.

 For reference, we’ve updated the following BullPhish ID guides with the new SMTP server IP address:

    • Microsoft Office 365 Whitelisting Guide
    • Reference Guide for Deliverability
    • Google Admin Whitelisting Guide
  • Scripts to add multiple domains, remove single/ multiple domains has been added to the 'Microsoft Office 365 Whitelisting Guide'.

Training Course Update:

  • Introduction to HIPAA course is now available under Training Courses on BullPhish ID Portal.

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