BMS Admin | Default data types included in a new tenant


The following is a list and brief descriptions of default data types included when a new BMS tenant is onboarded. The list is broadly classified according to the modules in BMS.

Modulewise Data Types


Email Templates

Path: Admin > Business Process > Email Templates

Name Module Active
Ticket Created Notify Client Service Desk Yes
Ticket Created Notify Resources Service Desk Yes
Notify Client when response is Needed Service Desk Yes
Notify Client Ticket Closed Service Desk Yes
Notify Client When Ticket Note Is Created Service Desk Yes



Path: Admin > Business Processes > Workflows

Name Description Active
Ticket Created Notify Client When a new ticket is Created Notify Client Contact No
Ticket Created Notify Resources When a new ticket is Created Notify Assigned Resource No
Notify Client when response is Needed When ticket is updated to Waiting for Customer status, notify the Client Contact No
Notify Client Ticket Closed When a new ticket is closed Notify Client Contact No
Notify Client When new Note is Added When a new note is added to the Ticket by the employee notify the Client Contact No
Unknown Ticket Created   Yes
Unknown Ticket Created Assigned To Account   Yes


The last two workflows are enabled by default. For more information, refer Getting Started with Workflows.

Opportunity Statuses

Path: Admin > CRM > Opportunity Status

Name Base Status Probability Active In Pipeline
Won Won 100% Yes No
Recommendation Open 0% Yes Yes
Open Open 0% Yes Yes
No Decision Open 0% Yes Yes
Lost Lost 0% Yes No


CRM Account Types

Path: Admin > CRM > CRM Account Types

Name Active Client Vendor
Vendor Yes Yes Yes
Unknown Yes No No
Prospect Yes No No
Partner Yes Yes No
Miscellaneous Yes No No
Former Client Yes Yes No
Competitor Yes No No
Client Yes Yes No


Security Roles

Path: Admin > Security > Roles

Name Active System Role External
External User Yes Yes Yes
External Manager Yes Yes Yes
User Yes Yes No
Finance Manager Yes Yes No
CRM Manager Yes Yes No
Project Manager Yes Yes No
Service Desk Manager Yes Yes No
Administrator Yes Yes No


Finance Roles

Path: Admin > Finance > Roles

Name Description Billing Rate Active
Administration Day to day admin tasks 0$ Yes


Finance Worktypes

Path: Admin > Finance > Worktype

Name Billable Active Default
Labor Hours Yes Yes Yes
Non-billable labor hours No Yes No


Service Desk Ticket Type

Path: Admin > Service Desk > Ticket Type

Name Active
Incident Yes
Service Request Yes
Problem Yes
Change Request Yes


Service Desk Queues

Path: Admin > Service Desk > Queue

Name Active
Level One Support Yes
Level Two Support Yes
Level Three Support Yes
Level Four Support Yes
Unknown Ticket Yes


Service Desk Priorities

Path: Admin > Service Desk > Priorities

Very Low
Very High


Service Desk Ticket Statuses

Path: Admin > Service Desk > Ticket Status

Name SLA Event Status Order System Status Active
New   0 Yes Yes
Waiting for Customer Waiting for Customer 1 Yes Yes
In progress First Response 2 No Yes
Escalated First Response 3 No Yes
Assigned First Response 4 No Yes
Completed Resolved 5 Yes Yes




Path: HR > Department or Admin > HR > Department

Client Services
Project Management


Job Titles

Path: HR > Job Title or Admin > HR > Job Title

Name Active
Sales Manager Yes
Project Lead Yes
Project Manager Yes
Finance Manager Yes
Chief Executive Officer Yes
Administrator Yes


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