How to Configure the My Modules Widget in KaseyaOne

The My Modules widget allows you to launch each of your IT Complete Modules directly from your KaseyaOne home page. Using the URLs for each of your modules, you can customize the My Modules section for your company.Home_page___section__My_Application__and_App_Launcher__NON-master_user_view_.png

Adding your Modules to the My Modules Widget

As a Master user in KaseyaOne, you can add each of the modules your company uses for all of the users in your company.

  1. Click the Gear icon next to My Modules (Or you can navigate to the Admin Settings page and then select the Module URLs tab;
  2. Click the + Add button;
  3. In the Add Module URL window, choose the Module from the drop-down menu and then paste the Module's URL in the URL field.
  4. Click the Add button. The module will be added to the My Modules widget on the home page as well as the My IT Complete launcher in the top right corner of KaseyaOne.



Edit Module URLs

As a Master user in KaseyaOne, you can edit the URL saved for any module added to the My Modules widget.

  1. Navigate to the Admin Settings page;
  2. Select the Module URLs tab;
  3. Click the Pencil icon next to the module URL
  4. Edit the URL and click the Checkmark to save.


Delete Module from My Modules

As a Master user in KaseyaOne,

  1. Navigate to the Settings page;
  2. Select the Products URLs tab;
  3. Click the Trash icon on the product;
  4. In the Delete module override window, click the Delete button.


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