11/04/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.37

This release of BullPhish ID comprises a few enhancements and a few bug fixes.


  1. The behaviour of 'Resend Training' button for the Training Module has been updated. You should now be able to resend training campaigns to targets with the following status: OPENED and CLICKED. Previously, training campaigns were allowed to be resent to targets with  EMAIL_ERROR and SENT status only. We have also updated the onscreen message that appears after selecting the 'Resend Training' button available on the campaign detail screen under Dashboard > Campaigns. Screen_Shot_2021-11-04_at_1.07.31_PM.png
  2. We have updated the access privileges of SMB Normal users. This user will now have read-only access on the BullPhish ID Portal. For instance, users with this privilege will no longer be able to create/edit or delete any content. Some of the actions which have been restricted are as follows: update training portal settings, configure invitations, edit custom kits, create/ edit or delete training courses, create/ edit active directory integration, edit target users, resend training etc. In a nutshell, an SMB user should have 'SMB Privileged' access to be able to create and manage content for their own SMB organization.

Bug Fixes:

1. XSS vulnerability has been fixed. (BPID- 2886)

2. The configuration setup window for creating a 'New Sending Profile' has been updated. Mail Hosts entity and 'Ignore Cert' field has been removed for ease of setup.


3. Template dropdown under the Email Templates tab at Training Portal Administration panel is now showing the correct list of templates when scrolled.

4. Redirection link to 'Visit our FAQ' link under Dashboard > Training Portal > User Login has been updated.

5. Training & Awareness: Additional fields from creating sending profile page have been removed.

6. The newly created Sending profile will now be available in the Sending profile list under Training Portal > Email Template > Course invite.

7. New sending profiles for the training portal can now be created without any errors.

8. Edit sending profile screen has been re-worked for internal users.

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