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BMS Admin | Collecting SAML Logs for IDP | PSA integration issues


How do I collect SAML logs for IDP-PSA integration issues?


For troubleshooting IDP-PSA integration, SAML logs are required. The below mentioned steps describe how to collect SAML logs.

  1. Go to Google Chrome browser and type in SAML DevTools extension. The browser shows a list of results.
  2. Click the first one and add the extension to Chrome browser. For more information, see Installing SAML Developer Tool for Chrome.

  3. Go to your BMS tenant.
  4. Press F12 (or fn + F12 if you are using a laptop) on your keyboard or right-click to open SAML Developer Tool for Chrome. A panel opens towards the bottom of the page.
  5. In the panel, go to the last tab called SAML.

  6. On the left top of the panel, click to select the checkbox Show only SAML.

  7. Click Next on the BMS application. You will be taken to your identity provider page.
  8. Select the account and sign in. The page will authenticate and take you back to your BMS tenant.
  9. In the bottom panel, on the left side where two rows are highlighted in green, click the URL.
    • For example,
  10. Click the tab called SAML on the right part of the panel and you will see the code as SAML response.

  11. Copy the entire response, save it in a notepad and attach it to the ticket.

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