9.5.7f-QFE1 Quick Fix Engineering Release - 25 October 2021

This Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) release fixes issues described in the topics below. For minimum system and agent requirements, see these topics in the Kaseya R95 System Requirements Guide: Kaseya Server Minimum Requirements & Configuration and Agent Minimum Requirements.

Release Schedule   

This QFE is for Scaled SaaS only. Where relevant, the fixes will be made available to On-Premise customers in the next maintenance release. 

  • Scaled SaaS deployment - Monday October 25th, 7 pm EST
  • Full SaaS deployment - Tuesday October 26th, 7 pm EST

Note: SaaS customers will be informed of their maintenance window via https://status.kaseya.net

Bug Fixes

Live Connect

  • Resolved an issue where Live Connect did not reliably prompt that a newer version of LiveConnect is available.
  • Fixed an issue where the CTRL or SHIFT keys did not work in Remote Control.
  • Resolved an issue of high latency causing slow sessions.

Known issue

In certain circumstances, after using the Ctrl-Alt-Del button in the KRC tool, Windows Key actions, such as Win+R, or Win+E, may take place locally, rather than on the remote machine. Mouse control is unaffected.

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