Release Notes for Unitrends EndPoint Backup 1.20

What's new in release 1.20


IT Complete – IT Complete is Kaseya's integrated platform of IT and security management solutions. You can now enable single sign-on by linking your Endpoint Backup and Kaseya One account credentials— so you can seamlessly access Endpoint Backup from your IT Complete interface.


Kaseya One is currently in closed technical preview. Please submit your email and company name to be added
to the list for invitation if you do not already have a Kaseya One account. Signup Link:


To enable login with IT Complete:

  1. Open a browser and connect to Endpoint Backup by entering: https://<UCB_IP_address>/.

  2. Click Log in with IT Complete.

    If you do not see the Log in with IT Complete button, your organization has not been registered with IT
    Complete. Register your organization as described in Working with MSP Settings in the Endpoint Backup Guide.

  3. Click Continue. endpoint-release-notes_pict_3.jpg
  4. If prompted, enter your Kaseya One username, password, and company name. Click Log in.

    If you are currently logged in to Kaseya One, you are not prompted to enter your Kaseya One account credentials.

  5. Enter your Endpoint Backup username and password. Click Link.

    This is required only if you have not yet linked your Endpoint Backup and Kaseya One account credentials.

  6. You are logged in to Endpoint Backup and the Introduction page displays. endpoint-release-notes_pict_6.jpg
  7. The next time you log in, simply click Login with IT Complete without entering any Endpoint Backup credentials: endpoint-release-notes_pict_7.jpg

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