10/07/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.35

This release of BullPhish ID comprises of a few documentation updates, a few enhancements, and a few bug fixes.

Documentation Update:

Guides & FAQ:

  • The new version of Directory Sync G-Suite Guide - v1.7 is now available on BullPhish ID Portal. 


  • The naming convention of BullPhish ID documentation has been updated.


1. The Top Menu bar has been redesigned to show the Help button.


  • Help Button: You can access all the below support functions through this Help button.
    1. Product Documentation - You can access all the user guides and other product applicable guides in this section.
    2. Release Notes - You can access all the Release Notes related to BullPhish ID.
    3. Terms of Use - You can see the terms and conditions for the Subscription of Software License Agreement for End User.

    4. Privacy Policy - You can get all the Security and Privacy information related to BullPhish ID.


2. Partner Dashboard:

  • Create company is now removed from Action and replaced on the Partner Dashboard. Also, it has been renamed as Add New SMB.


  • The save Organization button is now renamed as the save SMB button.


3. Edit Portfolio page and Edit MME page have been redesigned.

Bug Fixes:

1. The Issue regarding the IT Complete naming has been fixed now.

2. Training Portal: The problem with the incorrect validation message for invalid passwords or emails has been fixed now.

3. The permission issue to View any Phishing/ Training landing page template data has been fixed now.

4. The problem with the Creation page after start create portfolio/partner/MME has been fixed now.

5. The naming issue for the Create Portfolio page in breadcrumbs has been fixed now.

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