09/28/2021 - Dark Web ID v1.77.00

This release includes a few enhancements and a few bug fixes.


  • We have introduced the KaseyaOne App launcher on the Darkweb ID page. Users can log in to the KaseyaOne app launcher and access all the Kaseya Products Applications. 

    Note: Users having IT Complete access to Darkweb ID can access the KaseyaOne App launcher only.

    You can refer to these below steps for login:
    1. Login to Darkweb ID through IT Complete.


    2. On the Right Top menu bar, click the Grid icon.

    3. You can see the KaseyaOne App launcher dropdown and access all the Kaseya Products Applications. 


Bug Fix: 

1. The security problem with the XSS injection has been fixed now.

2. Organization: MME organization, which contains null industry can't be edited. It is now fixed.

3. Some small adjustments have been done on the Right top menu bar (Account and Support).

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