What IPs and Ports need to be open to use EndPoint Backup?


What ports are required for using ECB (Formerly called Unitrends Cloud Backup or UCB)?


This article will describe the port and protocol configurations necessary to use End Point Backup


The following URLs are required for Unitrends Cloud Backup (UCB)

HTTPS://direct.backup.net - used only for administration by the IT manager (web browser)
HTTPS://ingest.backup.net - agent job control and reporting
HTTPS://storage.backup.net - agent backup and restore data path

All ports are HTTPS, port 443 only.   There is no http/80 redirect on these URLs.  If your browser does not assume HTTPS, please be sure to manually type it when accessing direct.backup.net.  

All communication is strictly outgoing from the browser or agent to the cloud.  No port NAT or incoming connections are used in any way.  


These URLs are hosted behind active load balancers in AWS and Unitrends Cloud datacetners.  The list of IPs on each URL are dynamic, and change frequently, so we are unable to publish a specific listing.  Thus agents and browsers used to access these services will either require unfiltered port 443 access to all external IPs,or, use of a firewall system that supports URL-based filtering instead of port/ip filtering.  

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