Release Notes for Unitrends Cloud Backup 1.12

This document describes enhancements and fixes introduced in the 1.12 release.

Unitrends Cloud Backup agent – This release includes agent version 1.12. Unitrends recommends upgrading to the latest agent version to benefit from new features and performance enhancements.


Fixes – This release resolves the following issues:

  • Backup > Profile – Resolved the following error seen when attempting to save a profile if the Excluded File Paths contained a wildcard character: There was an error saving the backup configuration profile.
  • Configure > Assets > Delete asset – Resolved an issue where Delete All failed to remove the asset if the asset had already been decommissioned. The asset would remain in Deleting ALL status on the Configure > Assets page.
  • Restore > Recover Files – Resolved the following error seen when clicking the Previous button on the Browse Backup Contents or Target Metadata file recovery pages: There was an error rendering this page.
  • Restore > Recover Files – Resolved a display issue seen when filtering by column name. In cases where many items were returned, the list could exceed the Recover Files page size. With this fix, a scroll bar can be used to view all items.
  • Restore > Recover Files > Source metadata step – Resolved an issue that displayed a Loading... message at the bottom of the Select Backup list, even though no additional backups were being loaded.

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