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Release Notes for Unitrends Cloud Backup 1.13


This document describes new features introduced in the 1.13 release.

What's new in release 1.13

Release 1.13 includes these new features:

  • Unitrends Cloud Backup agent – This release includes agent version 1.13. Unitrends recommends upgrading to the latest agent version to benefit from new features and performance enhancements.
  • Performance enhancements – Implemented faster, more efficient UI elements that enable you to recover millions of items.
  • Backup Status > List View – Optimized page layout by adding new icons. Enhanced details by adding these new fields: File Count, Protected Size, and Avg Transfer Rate (in MB/s).



  • Configure > Assets – Agent version has been added to this page:



  • Restore > Recover Files – Enhanced your restore experience with the following:
    – Faster, more efficient UI elements with pagination and support for restoring millions of items.
    – When selecting an asset whose backup you will recover, you can now quickly filter the asset list by entering a text string.
    – When selecting files and folders to recover, you can now search by text string to quickly display matching items.


– These advanced recovery options have been added: Conflict Resolution (select Overwrite or Preserve Newer) and Folder Structure (select Preserve or Flatten).


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