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Release Notes for Unitrends Cloud Backup 1.9


This document describes new features and fixes introduced in the 1.9 release.

What's new in release 1.9


Release 1.9 includes the new features and enhancements described below.

  • Unitrends Cloud Backup agent – This release includes agent version 1.9.
  • Backup Profiles – Upon editing a profile, certain scenarios result in the next backup being automatically promoted to a full. Backup promotion has been enhanced to adhere to the following rules:
      • Editing the Included File Paths or Excluded File Paths results in the next backup being automatically promoted to a full.
      • Editing the profile Name does not result in promotion to a full backup.
      • Promotion jobs now run at the times specified in the job schedule.
  • Backup Profiles – Delete profile has been enhanced to check whether the profile is currently assigned to a backup job. If the profile is in use, a message displays indicating that the profile cannot be deleted.


The table below lists fixes included in the 1.9 release.


Backup > Jobs Editing backup jobs – Resolved an issue where modifying the job name, description, or schedule interval could result in next backup being automatically promoted to a full.
Status > List
Resolved a GMT/local time zone offset issue that could assign incorrect Start Time and End Time values to the job. This fix ensures that all of today's backups display in List View.
Configure >
Resolved a page display issue seen when scrolling through the assets list.

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