Release Notes for Unitrends Cloud Backup 1.15

This document describes enhancements and fixes introduced in the 1.15 release.


What's new in release 1.15


Release 1.15 includes these enhancements:


  • Backup Status > History – This release adds a backup history view that shows the number of successful and failed backup jobs by day, over a specified date range. You can opt to view backup history by customer or for all customers. Hover over a bar in the graph to see the number of failed or successful jobs on a given day.



When viewing a customer's history, you can opt to filter by asset:



You can opt to filter by status. Click Failure to hide failed jobs. Click Success to hide successful jobs:





  • Restore > Recover Files – The Restore Status page now displays upon starting a restore job, so you can easily monitor the job.



    The table below lists fixes included in the 1.15 release.

    Configure > Customer
    • The Agents column label has been changed to Assets.
    Restore > Recover
    • Resolved an issue where selecting a parent folder did not automatically select all of its sub-folders.

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