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Describes Unitrends Free features, enhancements, and fixes added in each release.


Unitrends Free is a virtual-only backup appliance that provides comprehensive data protection delivered through an intuitive user experience at no cost. We built this free version of Unitrends Enterprise Backup for the virtualization community by listening to the virtualization community.

Unitrends Free deploys as a Linux-based VMware virtual machine. The appliance performs both hypervisor-level and agent-based backups -- so you can protect the virtual and physical machines in your environment.  

This document describes Unitrends Free features, requirements, and community resources. Select the desired release:

Unitrends Free Release 8.1.0-7
Unitrends listens to the Community! Thanks for your feedback. We've heard you and answered with these enhancements and fixes:
  • VMware Installer - enhanced to show free space for each datastore
  • Configuring Appliances - simplified Storage table view
  • Reports - updated icons and layout for ease of use
  • Storage - added icons to quickly distinguish storage types
  • Tables - enhanced header format for readability
  • Backups and Backup Copies - for clarity, removed the disk-level check boxes. Jobs include all disks.
  • Jobs - fixed an error where disabling a job removed some Recent System Jobs rows.
  • File-level Recovery and Instant Recovery - fixed an issue where the newly created recovery object did not display without manually refreshing the page.
  • System Capacity Report - fixed an error where size of the last full displayed as 0.
  • Dashboard - improved usability of tile preference dialogs by changing the location where they open on the page and removing the preference option from the Daily Feed tile.
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Unitrends Free Release 8.1
These features, requirements, and community resources are available for Unitrends Free:
  • Protect and recover for free.
You will never have to pay for Unitrends Free. If you decide to purchase a full version of our Unitrends Enterprise Backup virtual appliance, which offers a wide range of advanced data protection features for physical and virtual machines, you will be able to migrate your backups from the Unitrends Free appliance.
  • Quick and easy deployment.
At less than 1GB, downloading Unitrends Free is fast. Once downloaded, the Unitrends Free installer eliminates the guesswork by automating deployment.
  • Appliance setup in seconds.
Getting started is easy with our 3-step setup wizard.
  • Intuitive interface.
Unitrends Free introduces an intuitive interface that greatly simplifies the process of protecting and recovering your data. The new UI is a work in progress and we value your feedback. Please use the Unitrends Community button in the UI to let us know what you like and dislike, request features, and provide any feedback to help us improve your experience. We also encourage you to participate in the discussions in our Unitrends Free forums.
  • Protection and recovery made simple.
  • Protect up to 1 TB of unique data, with no limits on the number of machines you can protect and no constraints on the number of sockets.
  • Schedule fast, incremental forever backups for daily recovery points. Changed-block tracking and incremental forever backups ensure your backups complete quickly and consume minimal storage space, since only changed data is processed after the first backup completes.
  • Recover files and machines in just a few clicks. Minimize downtime with our instant recovery features. Use VM instant recovery to quickly run a virtual machine from a backup. Use Windows instant recovery to quickly run a virtual replica of a physical Windows server.
  • Easily monitor backup, backup copy, and recovery jobs using a dashboard of interactive tiles.
  • Cloud integration.
Copy backups to Google Cloud, Google Nearline, or Amazon for longer-term data protection.
  • Unitrends community integration.
Get Unitrending to stay in sync with the Unitrends Free community forums and Knowledge Base. The community forums are directly integrated into the user interface, allowing you to search the forum and work with our community easily. For details, see Support for Unitrends Free.
You can deploy Unitrends Free on an ESX host. It is recommended that you run your appliance and the VMs it is protecting on different hosts to avoid losing your VMs and their backups if one of the hosts fails. See the following topics for requirements and considerations:
You can deploy Unitrends Free on a server running free or ???paid versions of ESXi 5.1, 5.5, or 6.0. The appliance is deployed using an .EXE installer. You must run the installer from a Windows machine on which both .NET Framework 3.5 and 4 have been installed. For details, see the following Microsoft documents:
Storage requirements
In addition to the hypervisor requirements, the following resources are required to deploy the Unitrends Free VM appliance:
  • A minimum of 2 virtual processors (CPUs)
  • A minimum of 4GB of RAM
  • 90GB of space for the VM's initial disk
  • At least 128GB of backup storage
Deployment guide
For detailed deployment procedures and additional considerations, see the UEB and Unitrends Free Deployment Guide for VMware.
Support for Unitrends Free
Support for Unitrends Free is provided through the customer community, knowledge base, and documentation.
The Unitrends Recovery-Series and UEB Administrator's Guide provides complete instructions for deploying, setting up, and using Unitrends Free. If you have questions that are not covered in the guide, please search the forums or post your questions. For assistance with troubleshooting, see our Knowledge Base. In addition, if something seems incorrect or missing from the Administrator's Guide, please let us know by submitting feedback using the Unitrends Community button.
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