Can I register a Hyper-V server using DNS?


This article explains how a Hyper-V server can be added to the Unitrends Free appliance using DNS.


Yes, if you have defined network settings for your appliance, you can add a Hyper-V server using only the hostname with no need to enter an IP address.

Consider the following when registering a server using DNS:

  • If you do not enter a static IP address when adding a server, make sure that both the server and the appliance have DNS entries and that reverse look-up is configured.
  • If you enter a static IP address when adding a Hyper-V server, the appliance attempts to connect with the server using this address. If the attempt fails, it will try to add the server using DNS.
For more information about adding a Hyper-V virtual host, see About adding Hyper-V hosts in the Unitrends Free Administrator's Guide.

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