How can I protect my virtual machines?


This article explains how to protect VMs using Unitrends Free backups and recovery options.


When you add a virtual host, the Unitrends Free appliance automatically detects the VMs on the host. Use the Create Backup Job dialog to schedule and run on-demand backups of your virtual machines. On-demand backups can be run using the full and incremental backup modes. If you wish to schedule recurring backup jobs, use the Incremental Forever strategy. This strategy begins with a full backup, and then runs incrementals at the scheduled time; additional fulls are automatically synthesized by the appliance as needed.

Once you have backups of a VM, you have three recovery options: recovering individual files, recovering the entire virtual machine, or performing instant recovery.

For more information about protecting your virtual machines with Unitrends Free, see the Protect chapter in the Unitrends Free Administrator's Guide.

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