Where can I see my recent backup activity?


This article explains how to see recent backup activity from the Protect page, the Recent Jobs page, and the Backup History report.


There are several places where you can view information about recent backup activity:

  • The Protect > Inventory page displays the status summary of recent backup activity for selected assets in the last seven days. Backup activity displays in the status table on the right. In the Backup column, green check marks represent successful backups, red exclamation points indicate failures, and yellow exclamation points represent backups that completed with warnings. Clicking on any of these status icons opens the Status Details dialog with additional information about a status.
  • The Jobs > Recent Jobs page captures all recent backup jobs, as well as other types of jobs. Viewing backup activity through the Recent Jobs page will show you the backup's status, the backup mode of the job, and the time at which the job started.
  • The Backup History report, which can be generated from the Reports > Backup page, captures all backups in the specified time frame. This report provides a summary of all backup results, with more details than the Inventory and Recent Jobs pages include.
For more information about running, viewing, and using backups, see the Unitrends Free Administrator's Guide.
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