What is a backup mode?


This article explains that Unitrends Free supports 2 backup modes: "full" and "incremental."


A backup mode determines the data captured in a backup. Unitrends Free supports a variety of backup modes that give you flexibility in protecting your virtual machines. Depending on the modes you use, there can be interdependencies between backups, which are accounted for by backup groups. For more information about backup groups, see Backup Groups in the Unitrends Free Administrator's Guide.

The following backup modes are supported for Unitrends Free:

  • A full backup of an asset captures all data on the VM. Full backups function as the foundation for the Incremental Forever backup strategy. A successful full backup must be completed before an incremental can be run.
A synthetic full backup results from the appliance periodically synthesizing full backups by superimposing the incremental backups on the last full. These synthetic full backups help to ensure quick recovery. For more information, see When are synthetic backups created?.
  • An incremental backup of an asset captures any changes in the protected data since the last successful backup of any mode. Therefore, incremental backups are smaller and can run more quickly than full backups, but they depend on the previous backups.
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