RS/UEB Increase Storage Area for Backups


Explains how to add storage to a Unitrends appliance when the size of the LUN is increased where /backups resides



Warning:  This article is expressly in reference to expanding iSCSI or FC LUNS directly attached to UBs.  It is NOT possible to expand VM disks that were expanded at the hypervisor level.  

If the LUN that /backups resides on is increased at the SAN level, but the appliance does not recognize the additional space, you need to expand the XFS filesystem located inside the LUN and then increase the size of the D2DBackups device we recognize in that partition.


Assuming the appliance is on release 9.0 or higher, do this:

  • wget
  • sh ./

If the appliance is not on release 9.0, and can be updated, update to the current release first.  Note, Unitrends only supports the currently available GA release.  

If the system is on release 8.x or earlier and cannot be updated due to lack of active support, it is still possible to expand.

  • xfs_growfs /backups
  • Once that is completed, reload the RRC, then go to configure -> devices -> D2DBackups and increase the size of the storage device.

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