Release Notes for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup 10.2


This document describes new features introduced in the 10.2 release. For details on customer-discovered issues that were promptly resolved in this release, see the Customer Found Defects KB article. For complete upgrade instructions and considerations, see the Upgrade Guide for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup.

Unitrends 10.2 builds on the success of Unitrends 10.1 with the following enhancements:

Generation 8 Recovery Series Appliances

Concurrent with this software release, Unitrends is launching its next generation of Recovery Series hardware.  Generation 8 Recovery Series appliances feature increased disk density enabling compact form factors with reduced power and cooling requirements.

Nutanix AHV Protection

Unitrends now offers agentless, host-level protection of Nutanix AHV assets. Additionally, Unitrends Backup virtual appliances can now be directly deployed on AHV hosts.

SMB 2.0 Support

For enhanced security, Unitrends now supports SMB 2.0. For details, see KB 5920 - How Unitrends support SMBv2.

User Interface Enhancements

Release 10.2 includes the following usability enhancements:
• Columns in both the protect and jobs pages now support filtering. These columns can be rearranged, hidden, or restored as desired.
• Individual users can now create and save their own backup catalog filters.
• Tree menus in the create backup copy job dialog now function identically to their counterparts in the create backup job dialog.
• A select all option has been added to the protected assets and copied assets tabs.
• Protected assets and copied assets tree menus now expand and collapse more rapidly.
• Options to exclude system state data and network mounts are now accessible from the create backup job dialog.
• An improved tooltip has been added to the username box of the add virtual host dialog.


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