Installing Ontrack (formerly Kroll) PowerControls


Details on how to install Kroll for use with Unitrends backup.


How to install Ontrack PowerControls (formerly known as Kroll Ontrack) for use with Unitrends backup software.



Obtain and Install Ontrack

  1. Obtain the latest approved installer from the Unitrends Support Downloads page. Place this into is own folder, as this is a self extracting file.
  2. Execute (double-click) the file that as downloaded/. It will create the following:  
    • ReadMe: Contains 4 quick guide PDFs for each program. 
    • UserGuide: Contains 4 user guide PDFs for each program. 
    • setup.exe: This is the main installer and will install 4 major programs. 
    • setupACTS.exe: Installer for the Agent for Content Transfer Service
  3. Double-click on the file, setup.exe. It will create install the following programs: 
    • Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange
    • Ontrack PowerControls Extraction Wizard
    • Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint
    • Ontrack PowerControls for SQL


You will be able to license your Kroll Deployment using ONE of the following 2 methods. This will require the .ini file provided by Unitrends to complete

  • On the Help menu inside the Ontrack Application, click About > License Info. On the License File dialog box, enter the License File Name or click Browse and navigate to the license you want to apply.
  • Replace the existing .ini file with the new .ini file. The default location for this file is in the Ontrack PowerControls installation folder.

If you have issues with your Unitrends Provided Kroll license file, note, license files are version-specific.  Kroll 7.x licenses will not work with Kroll 9.1, etc.  A new key can be obtained by actively supported customers who purchased older standalone versions of Kroll through Unitrends and have not lapsed support since that point, or those currently licensed for Enterprise Plus editions of Unitrends Virtual or Physical Appliances  Please contact Unitrends Support to initiate a request.  Processing typically requires one business day.  

If believe you were sent a key but did not receive it, check your spam or other email filtering technology as Ontrack Licensing emails have a *.INI file attachment that is commonly filtered from delivery.


If the license fails to apply go to the PowerControl.exe.config file and gives this output:

Scroll to the bottom of this KB. A PowerControl.exe.config file with the changes already made can be located at the bottom of this article. Download and replace the config file.


When performing restores via Ontrack PowerControls

  • copy the database files being used with Ontrack our of Unitrends Appliance storage to a production network path
  • Do not forget to tear down FLR mounts after you have copied the data from the Unitrends appliance.  




Minimum Requirements

Install Ontrack on a computer that meets ALL of the following requirements:

  • ​The OS is Windows 7 thru Windows 10, or Server 2008 thru Server 2016.  64bit ONLY OS editions for Ontrack PowerControls 9.3+ 
  • Recommendation is to run from an admin workstation, it is not recommended to be installed to an Exchange or SQL server directly.  
  • RAM requirements to use Ontrack vary by type and size of database.  Some low end workstations may have difficulty extracting big databases. 
  • Outlook 32bit edition 2010 - 2019 is installed on the server and is patched to the latest release  (this version must be compatible with your exchange server deployment, 64bit Office editions not supported)
  • Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP1 and .Net 4.0 are installed for exchange.  .Net 4.5 is additionally required for SQL and SharePoint component.  .Net 4.5.2 required for Extraction Wizard.  
  • Ensure any accounts that would operate Ontrack software are added as local admins of the machine it is installed to, are also listed as Exchange Admin and log in as such a user to the workstation
  • Preferably, the system can connect to your local exchange server, SQL server, or SharePoint Admin Server containing the target database.



Reference Guides:  

Please see Kroll's official documentation at  

If SMBv1 is blocked/filtered in your domain, accessing recovered databases via FLR for use with Kroll may require additional steps as detailed in this KB: How Unitrends supports SMBv2 


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