Disk Monitoring Logger Does Not Reset RAID Info Counter After Pending Sectors Cleared


If raidinfo counter is not reset traps will not be sent to notify of new pending sectors, this article shows how to reset the counter manually


The disk monitoring script runs every half an hour.  When it finds pending sector drive, it calls the raidInfo script to fix pending sectors with iterative verifying operations. The raidInfo script makes either 5 (up to 9.0.0-11) or 8 (since 9.0.0-12) attempts to clear all pending sectors. If raidInfo couldn’t clear all the pending sectors, it will return an exit code and disk monitoring will send a trap to the Unitrends support team.


This issue is resolved in Unitrends backup release 9.0.0-13.  The counter is now reset when no pending sector is found.

Prior to release 9.0.0-13, a manual workaround is required to reset the counter. One the disk/RAID has been confirmed healthy, reset the counter by running the following commands:

echo 0 > /var/log/SVfyopt.log
echo 0 > /var/log/HVfyopt.log


This issue was caused by the counter not being reset to zero when all the pending sectors were cleared, allowing the counter to remain at its maximum value. The next time pending sectors were encountered, the raidInfo did not initiate the verifying operation and a trap would be sent. 

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