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Novel Agents can't find Backup Appliance after IP Change


Novel Agents can't find Backup Appliance after IP Change



Novell 6.5 and older agents are unaware of DPU IP changes


Unlike most agent based clients with Unitrends, Novell agents acquire some initial configuration upon the first communication with a backup appliance after first installation.  When the DPU’s IP is changed for any reason, the novel client will not re-acquire this information automatically.


Remove and re-install the Novell agent and enter the Unitrends backup appliance information then re-register the client using the RRC. This will reset the Novell system’s associations and agent configuration for backups.  This process does not require a reboot of your Novell server and only takes a few minutes and will not impact existing backups on the backup appliance for that Novell server.

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