Failed to save client: Registration for client failed. (Windows client)


Registration for client connection failed when attempting to register a new Windows client to the Unitrends system.


The purpose of this article is provide troubleshooting steps for client registration failures.


The Unitrends system performs validations checks when a new client is added to the Unitrends system to be protected.


Follow these common troubleshooting steps to resolve client registration problems when a new client is added for protection.

For Windows clients:

First, for Windows systems, identify whether you are installing from the Unitrends system using Agent push or installing the agent software directly on the protected client.  The Unitrends system uses agent push to allow you to install and update the Unitrends agent software on the protect client from the Unitrends system.  Agent push has more prerequisites as the Unitrends system must have authorization to install the agent on the client.

For Windows clients using agent push:
  1. Verify that the protected asset you desire to add meets the prerequisites for installing the windows agent
  2. If all prerequisites are met, try installing the agent manually to determine whether there are problems with installing the agent outside of the agent push feature.  This will help identify whether the problem is related to the agent installing or with the Unitrends system pushing the agent to the client.

For Windows clients NOT using agent push:
  1. Verify that the client you desire to protect meets the requirements for installing the Windows agent.
  2. Make sure to uncheck the "Install Agent (Windows Only)" option.  *This is one of the most common reasons for the client registration process to fail once the agent software has been manually installed.
  3. Verify that ping request are allowed to the client.
  4. Disable any anti-virus or firewall software running on the client.
  5. Verify ports 1743 - 1749 are accessible and not in use by another application.
  6. You may also try to uninstall and reinstall the agent software to ensure the agent was successfully installed.  See also How to install a new Windows Agent
  7. The Windows event logs may also present more details error messages indicating the point of failure.
  8. The Unitrends agent logs error to the "wbps" log where errors occur.  The default location of the wbps log is on the protected client under c:\pcbp\logs.dir.  Use the date modified to identify the log corresponding to the time of troubleshooting.
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