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RRC does not see SQL instance for Windows XP


RRC does not see SQL instance for Windows XP



To explain why the RRC does not see SQL on a XP machine

Applies To

Windows XP running any version of SQL


There is a XP machine connected to the DPU that is running SQL but the RRC does not show the SQL instance.


XP machines do not have the VSS writer for SQL by default from Microsoft. Our client uses the VSS writer for SQL to take snapshots of the SQL instance but cannot see the VSS writer so it will not show up in the RRC.  


The resolution for this is to use the maintenance plans for the SQL server from Microsoft to take backups of the databases then use our product to backup the .bak file that it creates. If a restore needs to be accomplished you can restore the .bak file from the DPU and then use the maintenance plan to import that .bak file and recreate the database.


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