Resolving the issue: Change Journal appears to have wrapped (Expanding the Windows NTFS Change Journal)


Your experience one of the following errors:

  • The first record available for reading from the Change Journal for volume '<drive letter>' is higher than the agent backup in previous backup and indicate there is a chance that file or directory changes will be not backed up.
  • Change Journal for volume <drive letter> appears to have wrapped.
  • The USN Journal was not registered because it experienced a wrap condition.
  • Backup job was terminated due to Change Journal registration errors.


Like the Microsoft Event Viewer, the Microsoft Update Sequence Number Journal for NTFS (aka the NTFS Change Journal), has a defined file size for tracking the changes that occur on the computer. When the file is full, it drops the oldest line items allowing for new changes to be logged. If the Unitrends appliance find that the oldest record in the Change Journal is higher than the value expected, it will fail the Child backup (Incremental/Differential), present the error, and demand a new Full backup to ensure consistency and accuracy in the data to be collected.



There are two ways to resolve this issue:

Using the Unitrends Client Agent (must have release 10.0.0-3 or newer):

  1. Ensure you have installed the most recent version of the Unitrends Client Agent.
  2. Edit the file C:\PCBP\MASTER.INI file.
  3. Change the value for ChangeJournalSizeMB to be up to 4096 (this value is in MB, thus 4GB up to 4GB of RAM).
  4. Save the file.
  5. Restart the Windows Service named BP Agent.


Using the Microsoft method

Follow the instructions in the article "Windows agent file-level backup failure due to change journal wrap or Journal range exceeded."

NOTE: As of release 10.0.0-3 the master.ini (general configuration) parameter “ChangeJournalSizeMB” is now properly handled by the agent. If the maximum change journal size is smaller than the master.ini parameter, it will be enlarged to match the master.ini parameter. The agent will not decrease the maximum change journal size. On an initial agent install (no agent has been installed before), the default value for “ChangeJournalSizeMB” is 1024 (or 1 GB) or 2048 (or 2GB) depending on the Agent Version. We recommend you do not exceed the value of 4096 (or 4GB) or the amount of available RAM (which ever is smaller) as performance may be adversely affected.

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