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Novell OES: But backups never complete or backup performance is considerably slow


The following symptoms are experienced when backing up a Novel OES server using the Unitrends Client Agent:

  • But backups never complete
  • Backup performance is considerably slow


Resolution 1

The logs for the OES backup are located on the OES server in the directory path of /usr/bp/logs.dir/
  1. If you have not done so, please reinstall the Unitrends Client Agent for OES using the root user of the OES system.
  2. Run the backup job Full backup (you might need to run the differential as well).
  3. Run the following search queries on the OES server to isolate the item and path that is causing the failures:
    • grep 'traverse\|>400' /usr/bp/logs.dir/LAST_BACKUP
    • grep 'traverse\|>400' /usr/bp/logs.dir/client.stderr
    • grep 'traverse\|>400'  /usr/bp/catalog.dir/*
  4. Once you have found the items, rename them

Example of output:
[root@UB107 logs.dir]# grep 'travers\|>400' /usr/bp/logs.dir/LAST_BACKUP /media/nss/DATAVOL/DATA/RESTRICT/FDD/PROGRAM FOLDERS/ABCDE/! INACTIVE - BUILT-OUT/2AG -TP6/INFORMATION/WHEATER12345/FROM ABC/6_2AG/A25/FR-3AC9--3AA2--30AC--30E9--F0B9--6607--9A4D--8010--4E44-/2-56AE--76AE-/TP6-FF08-2NX-FA09--3000-FR-FA84--FF9E--FF71--FF76--FA9E--FF97--FF7D--6607--964D--8010--4E45--7ABA--8A8D--7D50--679C- 2008-11-06 2052 -8C4A--5CF6--526F--5E3B--4EFB--FA08--55B6--696D--6280--8853--FA09-.MLF [>400]

Resolution 2

Add an exclusion list to your backup by navigating to Jobs > Job Manager, select the job and click Edit, then under Job Inventory Settings click on the Edit pencil icon next to the OES18 server and add an Exclude list


This is generally caused by the Novel TSA model reaching a limitation such as use of non-UTF8 characters or the length of the file exceeding a threshold (e.g.: 400 characters).

In OES18 (OES 2018) the backup may never start if there is not an exclude list, even if a single file is excluded this can cause the backup to start transferring data where before it would not.

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