How to disable hot-add as a transport method for vprotect


If hotaddmgr is core dumping, or if backup performance of vmware is poor, it may be necessary to disable hot-add.


NOTE:  This is overwritten via software update.  After each update, these steps must be performed if advanced trasnport methods such as hotadd or san-direct are not to be used.

Certain versions of the vprotect API may cause a core dump if too many vms attempt to backup simultaneously using hotadd. Instead of limiting the number of concurrent backups, it is possible to disable hotadd altogether. 



1. Open the vprotect mode config file:

vi /usr/bp/bin/vprotect/mode.conf

2. Modify the following line to reflect "false" instead of "true".


Backups will now be performed over the network instead of using hotadd. 

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