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bvoip is used by IT and Managed Service Providers to establish voice and unified communications worldwide. It is designed to help automate how MSPs interact with their existing systems and tools.

Use this article as a guide when you integrate your IT Glue account with bvoip. With this integration, bvoip’s 1Stream platform will recognize a known phone number, automatically match it to the corresponding organization in your IT Glue account, and open the IT Glue platform in your window so you cut down on switching between apps on your call.

After setting up this integration, the corresponding organization will appear instantly on an inbound call (direct, queue, ring group, etc.) allowing you to quickly navigate to the client’s documentation, passwords, assets, and more. This streamlines your workflow and ensures that the right information is easily accessible every time you service your client.



  1. Log into your 1stream portal. In the top right-hand corner, click Administration > Manage Organization.


  2. In the 1stream Administration page, scroll down to the Screen Pop URLs section and click the plus (+) icon.


  3. In the Add new screen pop URL window, enter a name for your new screen pop such as “IT Glue” in the Link Name field. Click Save.


  4. In the Edit Screenshot URL window, click the Link Type dropdown and select the option for your PSA.


  5. Then, enter your IT Glue subdomain and click Save.


  6. You will be led back to the 1stream Administration page where you will see your new screen pop will appear in the Screen Pop URLs section.


You have successfully set up the bvoip integration for IT Glue. This is now enabled for all users within your organization.

To watch a demonstration video of this integration, check out bvoip’s website.

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