Microsoft Potential Sync Issues

Integration issues are related to situations in which the data import fails or the data that is displayed is not complete.

Authorization_IdentityNotFound Error

The error message that occurs when a sync log reading “Authorization_IdentityNotFound” may be that an Microsoft Tenant has not authorized you as a delegated administrator, or lacks any active subscriptions.

sample_changes__1_.pngFig 1. Error message

Possible Causes

  • The tenant has no active licenses or subscriptions.
  • Exchange Online is not part of their subscription.
  • Client licensing was purchased through a different partner.
  • The tenant is in the process of getting Microsoft set up and currently has no active licenses and/or subscriptions
  • Tenant is no longer using Microsoft, they have no active licenses and/or subscriptions
  • The tenant is not in the list of tenants (no subscriptions)
  • These customers have suspended subscriptions because they have just moved onto a new billing model.

Recommended Actions

  • Check the Microsoft integration sync logs to identify the first tenant (alphabetically) which is failing to sync in to IT Glue. Subsequent Microsoft Tenants may fail to sync if an error is detected in an earlier tenant.

  • Paste the following URL in to your web browser '', replacing the UID (in this example: 65617063-7587-4851-84e9-bfc93c140e77) with the one from your IT Glue sync logs. This will only work if the tenant is a customer. If not, you will need to locate the UID by searching your delegated tenants.
  • Verify in Microsoft that the affected tenants displaying the Authorization_IdentityNotFound error have authorized your Microsoft account as a delegated administrator and are each configured with at least one active subscription.
  • For affected tenants, we recommend investigating their subscriptions. To view a list of subscriptions for a tenant, log in to your Microsoft Partner Center and navigate to Customers → “Your Affected Tenant”
  • Check if the tenant’s licenses are non-active.

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