Importing passwords

This article will show you how to import passwords in to IT Glue from a CSV file.


  • The file must be a CSV file encoded in UTF-8. 
  • The maximum file size is 100 MB.
  • A user account with Creator, Editor, Manager or Administrator role.
Note: This article covers the process for Creators and Editors to import passwords to an organization from the Password asset of that organization.

Managers and Administrators can also follow this KB, but will also have the option to import data for multiple organizations when choosing a CSV file to import. The steps for importing into multiple organizations are covered in our Importing CSV data into your account KB article.


Creating your CSV file

  1. Download one of the ZIP files provided at the bottom of this article.
    • Sample Excel import files with required fields highlighted (Save as CSV when you're ready to import.)
    • Sample CSV import files
  2. Open the file you want to use and delete the sample data, but not the header row.
  3. Paste your information into the sample import file. You can change the order of columns if needed but do not remove the header row.
  4. Save your file as a CSV (Comma Delimited) document:
    • If on a PC, save as CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv).
    • If on a Mac, save as Windows Comma Separated (.csv).

Importing your passwords

  1. Open the organization you want to import your passwords to, click Passwords from the sidebar, and click Import.


  2. Click Choose File to select the CSV file you created above. Choose whether to allow partial imports and click then Continue
    Note: Toggling the Allow partial import button to No will result in the entire import failing if the CSV file is missing any required fields, or if any field contains non-UTF-8 characters.


  3. Match the columns in your CSV file to the columns from the password Asset by selecting the dropdown under Password Field. If you have fields for id and organization, ensure the corresponding Password Fields are set to Ignore. Click Run Import.

    Note: To import OTP Secret Key with the password list, select the OTP Secret option from the Password field. OTP secret keys must be in uppercase.

  4. Once the import is done, you'll get an email from that includes a link to view imported rows or details regarding import errors.

You can verify your import was successful by waiting for the email confirmation or by navigating to Account > Import Data and then clicking on the link for your import. You can also navigate to the Global > Assets area to view the information that you imported.

If there are any problems performing these instructions on a PC:

  1. Open the CSV file in Notepad. 
  2. Click Save As... and then select UTF-8 under Encoding.
  3. After selecting UTF-8, save the file with a slightly different filename from the original.
  4. Do not reopen the file, as this will cause it to be re-encoded by Windows.
  5. Import this new file in to IT Glue.

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