@relate feature for documents

We are excited to introduce functionality that lets your team create more dynamic documents in IT Glue.

What's changed?

Our @relate feature for documents lets you add links to other documents or assets.

When @relating a document or asset, a new Related Items entry is created at the same time.

This functionality can be very useful for bringing visibility to other information in your procedure documents.

Before this change, you could spend a lot of time tracking down links to add them to your documents, and of course, adding the link would not automatically create a Related Items entry. This change will save a lot of time and energy!


  1. Open a document and click Edit.
  2. Find a place in the document where you want to insert a link.
  3. Click into the Step or Text content block to edit the text.
  4. Position your cursor where you want the link inserted.
  5. Type the @ symbol and then start typing the document title or asset name you want to bring visibility to. You'll see a drop-down list of possible matches. The maximum number of results is 15.
  6. Keep typing to narrow the choices further. Note that there is a limit of 32 bytes, which is roughly the equivalent of 32 characters. If this limit is reached, the picker will close.
  7. Select the correct match from the list.


After you make your selection, the new link will immediately display at the insertion point.


  • When @relating a document or asset inside a public document, the link will not work for unauthenticated users unless it's another public document that's mentioned.
  • If you change the title of a document or asset, the link text will not change.

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