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Please note the Checklists Templates feature is only available to Admins and Managers.

Importing your template

Building your template

Editing your template

Accessing your template across all organizations


As an Administrator or Manager you have the ability to create, view, update, or delete Checklist Templates from which you can base new Checklists. IT Glue now also offers Default Checklist Templates around some common best practices, which can be imported into your account and customized to suit your business.

Note: Default checklist templates also include TruMethods approved business-related checklists (myITchecklists TM).

Importing your template 

To access our default checklist templates, go to Account > Checklist Templates, and click Import From Template button in the top right-hand corner.

Select one or multiple templates and click Import. Now go to Checklists in any organization, click +New in the top right-hand corner and see these in the list of available checklist templates to use when creating a new checklist. 


Checklist templates let you create baselines of commonly executed checklists, such as client on-boarding or workstation setups, allowing you to save time when documenting commonly executed procedures.



Building your template

  1. Log in to your IT Glue account.
  2. Navigate to Account > Checklist Templates. Then, click on the green + New button at the top-right corner of the screen.


  3. Enter a title for the checklist template and add a description.
    Tip! A good template title will clearly identify the type of checklist and contain any relevant keywords. A good description will identify who the checklist should be completed by and when.


  4. Click on Add task to start building your checklist template. Give each task a name and description. Repeat as needed to continue adding tasks to your template.
    • The task name should be a brief description of the task or action needed.
    • The description should list the finer details of the task and provide any information needed for the user to complete that task.


  5. Navigate back to Account > Checklist Template. The saved checklist will appear in the list view.


    Example of a fully built checklist template:


Editing your template

The IT Glue checklist template makes it easy to manage the order of your template tasks. This includes inserting additional tasks, reordering existing tasks, and deleting unneeded tasks.

  • To insert a task, click on Add task at the bottom of the screen. Define the task name and description as usual. Then, hover your mouse over the task and click on the ellipsis icon. Drag the task to the appropriate spot in the checklist.
  • To reorder a task, hover your mouse over the task and click on the ellipsis icon. Drag the task to the appropriate spot in the checklist.
  • To delete a task completely, hover your mouse over the task and click on the trash icon.


Accessing your template across all organizations

  1. Navigate to any organization and click Checklists in the left-hand menu.
  2. In the Checklists main page, click on the green + New button and then select the checklist template in the drop-down menu.


  3. After opening the template, you can start to complete the checklist and assign task owners and due dates.


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