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2017-12-07 IT Glue Product Update - Q4 (Video)


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  • Password Access Workflows trigger
  • Creator/Editor document importing
  • App-wide list views refresh
  • Per-asset PDF Export
  • Mobile App -> Web App
  • Web App Mobile Responsiveness
  • Quick Search
  • API: Passwords (with API key restriction)
  • API: Delete
  • Watchman Monitoring integration
  • LogMeIn Central integration
  • Pulseway PSA integration
  • IT Glue Academy


  • Bulk Edit across all asset types
  • Asset-level permissions
  • Kaseya BMS: 2-way Sync
  • MyGlue
  • API: Documents

Handouts shared during webinar (see attachments below)

  1. Chrome Extension
  2. Premier Success
  3. Public API: Flexible Assets
  4. Runbooks
  5. Workflows


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