2020-05-26 IT Glue Product Update - Q2 (Video)


Recent Releases

Push All Syncable Assets to PSA

  • With a one-time push, easily push all of your eligible IT Glue Organizations, Configurations, Contacts, and Locations to your PSA that has two-way sync enabled (i.e. ConnectWise, Autotask, Kaseya BMS, or Pulseway PSA).
  • This feature is available for our partners on Select and Enterprise plans who are switching to a new PSA solution or adopting their first PSA.

Suggested IT Glue Documentation in Kaseya BMS

  • Quickly view all suggested IT Glue documents that relate to your BMS service ticket.
  • IT Glue Administrators, such as a Service desk manager, can set up the suggested IT Glue documentation based on simple ticket settings.
  • Ensure that your technicians see the most relevant information they need as they walk through their troubleshooting workflow.

Execute Kaseya VSA Automation in IT Glue

  • Executing automations or Agent Procedures in VSA is a common task. Run these Agent Procedures from directly within IT Glue now to further streamline your technician’s daily workflow.
  • Once you enter your OAuth details into IT Glue and authenticate in VSA, you will be able to view and execute a list of all available Agent Procedures on your IT Glue Configuration show page.


  • Using host-proof hosting or client-side encryption/decryption, enable an additional security layer to your most sensitive passwords.
  • Encrypt and decrypt passwords exclusively at the endpoint in the user's browser with a user-specific passphrase.
  • Vault gives each user total control with a user-based passphrase rather than relying on an organization-based passphrase that every employee shares.
  • This is available in the web apps, mobile apps, and Chrome Extensions of both IT Glue and MyGlue.

Network Glue enhancements:

  • Automatically document manufacturer and device types: Network Glue can now automatically detect and populate manufacturer and device type information to enrich your IT Glue Configurations. In addition, the device type will also enrich your network diagram allowing you to visually pinpoint specific devices during your troubleshooting process. New device types supported include: Access points, firewalls, load balancers, modems, security, storage, and VoIP.
  • Active Directory Domain Roles: 
    • Enhance your understanding of an Active Directory environment during your troubleshooting process. This new field provides the role of a device including Primary Domain Controller, Backup Domain Controller, Member Workstation, and Member Server.
    • Primary Domain Controllers and Backup Domain Controllers appear on the network diagram as a set of new icons, allowing you to quickly identify which devices to use while troubleshooting. Save time by efficiently pinpointing which machines you will need to check into for remote access to continue troubleshooting.

Checklist Notifications for IT Glue & MyGlue

  • Checklists capture recurring tasks, help you delegate work efficiently, and ensure accountability for the team’s overall progress. Automatic checklist notifications ensure that team members never miss a new checklist or task.
  • You can assign both checklists and individual tasks to members of your team, triggering each member to automatically receive an email notifying them of the new assignment.
  • Users can elect to manage these email notifications at any time in the Edit Profile page.

IT Glue & MyGlue Chrome Extensions for Microsoft Chromium Edge

  • Microsoft released their new Edge browser built on the Chromium technology of Google Chrome. Now, both the IT Glue and MyGlue Chrome Extensions support Chromium Edge.
  • In Edge, activate the setting allowing other extensions from other stores and then download the IT Glue and/or MyGlue Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store. Then, simply add it to your Edge browser’s menu bar.

New & Enhanced Integrations

Autotask Two-way Account Location Sync

  • Automatically sync Locations from your Autotask PSA directly into IT Glue.
  • Enable the Location sync feature as you set up a new Autotask integration, or by editing your existing integration. Once enabled, any location data that already exist in your IT Glue configurations will be overwritten by location data from Autotask.
  • Two-way sync is available for partners on our Select and Enterprise plans. One-way sync remains available for all other plans.

bvoip Integration

  • bvoip’s 1Stream platform recognizes a known phone number, automatically matches it to the corresponding organization in your IT Glue account, and opens the IT Glue platform in your window so you cut down on time spent switching between apps on your call.

Quickpass Integration - Sync from Active Directory

  • IT Glue users can see the most up-to-date Active Directory password regardless of whether their technicians have changed the password in Active Directory or set up auto-rotation on the Quickpass console.

Near Release

Password Folder Security for IT Glue & MyGlue

  • Create security permissions for your password folders and ensure that the same permissions cascade down to all subfolders and passwords within them.
  • Ensuring the inheritance of the same permissions helps to streamline your password management workflow and allows you to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Your clients using MyGlue can also use password folders security to organize their passwords, including both team-based and business personal passwords. This allows MSPs to collaborate with their clients, ensuring that both parties can access the latest passwords through secure means.
  • Setting password folder security on your shared data means you can ensure that protocols are followed and that your teams have the same access, edit, and delete permissions.

MyGlue SSO & Just-in-Time (JIT) Provisioning

  • Many businesses use an Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool, allowing their users to access several websites and applications via one set of credentials. Enabling SSO eliminates the need for each MyGlue user to remember another email address and password in order to access their data and work. SSO also helps drive adoption by streamlining your MyGlue user’s login workflows. Users that are already using SSO to log into their other work tools can now easily access MyGlue using the same, familiar process.
  • MyGlue SSO supports JIT provisioning which allows MyGlue users to be automatically created when signing in via SAML SSO. New users will have access to MyGlue immediately without having to wait for an Administrator or Manager to set up their account.

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