Pagination in the IT Glue API

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All calls to the API are returned by pages. By default, only the first 50 items will be returned. You can specify further pages with the page[number] parameter. You can also set a custom page size with the page[size] parameter.

For example, let's say you need to request all pages of configuration items, but you only want the results 25 at a time. Your GET request will look something like this:

    • GET /configurations?page[size]=25

To get the next 25 items, your GET will look something like this:

    • GET /configurations?page[size]=25&page[number]=2

To know how many pages are left, you will find at the bottom of each page a meta section that lists the total number of pages ("total-pages": 5) and the total item count ("total-count": 121).

Beware of requesting too many results at once. If your requests are timing out, try lowering the page size.

Note that you can also add filtering and sorting conditions to these requests. For more information, see our Sorting and filtering in the IT Glue API article.

1000 result limit

The maximum number of results that can be requested is 1000. For most use cases, 1000 results will be more than enough.

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